(Brazilian) Ballroom Dancing and Music

(Brazilina) Salona Danco kaj Muziko

- Mainly in English since who asked me were English speakers.
- ^Cefe angle ^car demandintoj estas angle parolantaj.

``If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.''
(Henry David Thoreau - Walden - chapter 18: Conclusion, paragraph 12).

On June and August of 1995, answering to some questions, I sent some messages concerning brazilian ballroom dancing to the ballroom list . I believe Perhaps Eileen collected then, together with some messages from other people on the subject. By the other hand, I reorganized the information on my messages and decide to continue writing more about Brazilian ballroom dancing, specially the brazilian ballroom samba. On what follows you will see the result of that, which I hope I shall improve, as far as people ask me to. (Opening message to the ballroom list).

First of all:

Who am I ?
I am a physicist and I began to learn (brazilian) ballroom dancing in 1988. I went to U.K. in 1990 to study more physics for two years, where I took the opportunity to learn some of their ballroom dancing. Back to Brazil I did not dance much for another two years. In 1994 I began learning again and intend to continue.

General Brazilian Ballroom Dancing

The re-organization of my messages of 1995 is on two files:


The natural continuation of the above, is a description of the Brazilian Ballroom Samba, which is devided in the following sections:

I remind you, nevertheless, that to really dance samba and know what it is you will need to listen to lots of good samba music and see good dancers, videos or perhaps have some class lessons. Keep an eye on a forthcoming video.

Some pages on Brazilian Ballroom Dancing

For other links see my main page and some more on my dance bookmarks.

Some more on Brazilian culture

When talking about Brazilian Ballroom dancing, we are talking about Brazilian Culture. So, I decided I should include some other topics on Brazilian Culture here. There it goes:
``Se homo ne dancas kiel siajn najbaroj, eble ^car ^gi a^udas malsimilan drumon. Lasu ^gin piedpremi kune kun la muziko kiun ^gi a^udas, iue ritmata a^u fore''
(Henry David Thoreau - Walden - ^capitro 18: Konkludo, paragrafo 12).

Iru al mia hejm-pa^go por Esperanta informo pri Salona Danco.

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